Turnkey Solutions

At Electrum we provide your organization with the best value against the turnkey solutions for Telecom Projects and FTTH enablement. We offer turnkey solutions in the modular form to meet your custom needs most advantageouly.

Consulting & Advisory

We are ahead of times when it comes to communication consultancy and advisory services. Our experts provide scalable solutions to the most complex of needs of your niche organizational set-up.

Our Vision

Our vision is to loom-up the communication solutions in a way that even most complex of the problems can be dealt with utter ease and efficacy, and let you thrust aside with all gaps and lacunas of communication, most.

Bringing alive the communication systems that entirely revolutionize lives. Offering band of services, meant to bring the magic much awaited by you.

Electrum Mauritius was founded in 2011 in Mauritius. Electrum aims to deliver cutting-edge telecommunication technology services in Mauritius and the region. We Leverage on the latest technological evolutions and on our consultant /engineers expertise to offer our stakeholders the best integrated telecommunications solutions on the market.

Our products include everything that you need for wire-framing communication infrastructure in your office or at your home with most advanced systems backing them up fully. Our gamut of distinctive services widely ranges in offerings, fitting aptly with your unique needs, covering all aspects of utility and application significantly.